Speech 1

A speech by definition has the ability to inspire the heart and elate the soul. A well-constructed speech can create excitement, ambition and purpose. It impresses on an audience a call to action, which previously did not exist. It is a ready seed, with endless possibilities, just waiting to spring to life.  Or, perhaps make a bad situation; just a little better…

A well delivered speech, has the power to emanate many sensations in one delivery. This is largely why Religious Leaders are so inspiring, They are gifted Speech Writers, with the added benefit of Supreme inspiration.

speech 2

If I translate the words of George Cane for the particular purpose of this post, it would go something like this: “A Speech is the apparel in which your thoughts parade before the public.”  Speech Writing is the art of adorning someone in words.

Speech 3.jpg

Speech Writers often linger in the shadows, in the hope that you, the speaker, do our creation justice. If you do, you are praised. If you dont, we have failed.

But we do it for the love. The love of the Speech; and with gratitude for the stewardship of this divine gift.



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