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How often are you at a loss for words? How often do you need to address a group of people about something you are very knowledgeable about, but your sequence of thought just does not line-up?

It is quite immaterial the size of the crowd, nerves gets the best of us all, when we want something to sound perfect, but don’t know how. When the subject is so important to you you want your words to resonate, or want your point to be effectively made. But nothing sounds quite right.

An effective and professional speechwriter has the natural acumen to put it all together for you. With your guidance of course, speechwriters know how to create those Ah Ha moments. Know how to polish and refine your cadence enough to achieve the outcomes you want.

Contrary to popular belief, our job goes beyond writing your speech and handing it back to you. It is pivotal there be a measure of coaching as to how you deliver it. Your posture, your voice-projection, transitioning from one expression to the other, your gestures,  all these elements need to be coached to you, because it is a massive part of the speech delivery.

Apart from being a Speech Writer I am also a Life Coach and always look for ways to Coach Clients simply, yet effectively. I have a very simple, hands-on approach, which my clients have found to be very effective and the feedback has been amazing.

I insert physical instructions in bracketed italics on the actual written speech. So, if at the start of a particular sentence, I want my client to change their demeanor or gesture, I would write it on the actual speech ahead of the next sentence or following a sentence, or at any point where I would like the client to do something. E.g.: [Start this sentence slowly]. [Your voice becomes more solemn]. [Gaze earnestly into the crowd]. My clients absolutely love and appreciate these guidance quotes, may have said they would be lost without it. Furthermore if they have rehearsed their speech once or twice before-hand, they must nail it every time.

Few things beat the feeling of knowing what you have just delivered to a crowd of people was a Hit! When a speech has been delivered and the applause is ringing through the room. Or people come up to you after the fact full of praise for what you have said; it is a thrill few will understand or achieve.

A speech is so much more than just the words. It is art. It is acting. It is a potential game-changer, and I for one, derive immense pleasure knowing I play a part in making someone feel that good.


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Speech-Writers…not just for Politicians & Celebrities

bannerMore and more people are making use of Speech Writers, and honestly I am pleased. Gone are the days where Speech Writers were only associated with Politicians, Celebrities or very prominent Business People.

Today, Speech Writers are more accessible and our working-class people are seeing the value in having a Professional write their occasional speeches; succinctly and effectively. Let’s face it, we all cannot be good at everything…

Often times, I listen to people who actually address large audiences for very different reasons or at opposing stations in their lives; either as part of their job or by virtue of family hierarchy or any other possible reason. Some of these deliveries are simply cringe-worthy.

It is evident these are people with a very definite idea of what they want to say, or have a very strong sense of the convictions they are trying to convey. It just comes out all wrong. In our modern age there is no reason to sound stuck, jumbled or devoid of sequence. Hire a Speech Writer.

There is no shame in having someone make sense of your thoughts. Arranging it in a way that takes the best of your ideas, and turning it into a beautifully crafted work-of-art, ready for you to put a voice to it.

Whether you speak regularly, maybe it’s your best friend’s wedding. Hire a Speech-Writer, it’s the smart thing to do.

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Speech 1

A speech by definition has the ability to inspire the heart and elate the soul. A well-constructed speech can create excitement, ambition and purpose. It impresses on an audience a call to action, which previously did not exist. It is a ready seed, with endless possibilities, just waiting to spring to life.  Or, perhaps make a bad situation; just a little better…

A well delivered speech, has the power to emanate many sensations in one delivery. This is largely why Religious Leaders are so inspiring, They are gifted Speech Writers, with the added benefit of Supreme inspiration.

speech 2

If I translate the words of George Cane for the particular purpose of this post, it would go something like this: “A Speech is the apparel in which your thoughts parade before the public.”  Speech Writing is the art of adorning someone in words.

Speech 3.jpg

Speech Writers often linger in the shadows, in the hope that you, the speaker, do our creation justice. If you do, you are praised. If you dont, we have failed.

But we do it for the love. The love of the Speech; and with gratitude for the stewardship of this divine gift.